Thursday, February 22, 2007

Day 2 - 02/22/2007

Today is the start of a self-made three day weekend. I decided to take a day off from my day job to take care of some personal development items that I've been putting off for too long now. I can catch an hour or two here, but need a good solid chunk of time to get done the things that need to get done. Doing that on the weekends or on weeknights leaves me feeling a little guilty about neglecting the family.

Saturday mornings are when I get the bulk of my development work done. The kids are catching up on their shows and my wife is catching up on her sleep. The house is quiet and it provides a good environment in which to work. The same thing holds true for late night coding sessions, but unlike Fred Sanford -- whoops!, I mean Fred Sanford! -- at my age I can't afford to burn the candle at both ends, let alone up the side or down the middle. There's something about the late night hours and the prospect of getting *just one more thing done* before sacking that makes paying the price of staying up too late worth it.

Yes, I realize that staying up past 11p is normal to some, but for us peeps who get up at 630a, it's a tad bit too late to do consistently. Unless, of course, you're Thomas Edison who just [supposedly] cat-napped his life away.

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