Saturday, February 24, 2007

Day 4 - 02/24/2007

Great day today, being a Saturday and all. The kids were up early and got their fix of their shows before I pulled them up from the basement and made them eat their sugar-laden cereal. M had a friend over so I made both of them get dressed before she got here. In the meantime, I used the quiet early morning silence to get some stuff done on iTriTracker I wasn't able to finish up last night.

After that I went out for a run. The thing that sucks about rehab is that I can only get one run in per week. I'd love to do more, but, seeing as I've been off the road for the past 18+ months, I realize that if I push it, it may be 24+ months before I'm back to any regular schedule.

N is getting excited about his birthday tomorrow. He turns five. We decided to get him a betta fish to match his sister's. You should have seen him at the pet store. He wouldn't let it go until he wanted to pick out the decoration to go in the fishbowl (which just happened to be the same as his big sister's, which I'm sure made both of them happy). Since the forecast for tomorrow is ice, sleet and other assorted wintry precipitation, we may not make it to Chuck E. Cheese's for his birthday dinner. Oh well, at least we already have the cake!

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