Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Day 225 - 10/03/2007

We had our September CCR lunch today. Yes, I realize it's October, but we were unable to schedule it for September due to our work schedules. Like last time (and unfortunately for Frank), there were eight of us there.

Frank tempted fate by actually looking at the check before playing the game. He ended up losing. And with eight of us there, he lost big (over $100 for the group). Oh well, you play the game, you take the chance. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

We're meeting again in a few weeks to have the official October CCR. I don't think Frank will be looking at the check anytime soon.

I went out for a run tonight one last time before this weekend's race. I tried to go for a run last night, but got to the top of the court and gave up. Too much pizza. Tonight I paced myself with my evening food intake (alright, I didn't have dinner) and hit the ground running. 3.12 miles later, I started walking and was quite surprised with the results of the night's run. The first mile was 7:58, which was right where I wanted to be. The second was 7:55, which was a little faster than where I wanted to be (but only by 5 seconds). The third miles was 7:35, which definitely WASN'T where I wanted to be, but what the heck, I felt good and was quite surprised with my results considering I haven't done any kind of serious running over the past two years. More importantly, my knee wasn't bothering me (during or after the run).

Hopefully this weekend's race will go as well!

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