Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Day 226 - 10/04/2007

Over the past several months, I toyed around with a variety of challenges, but never could figure out something that would be fair for all involved. On my run last night it hit me: a scavenger hunt where you have to take pictures of a variety of birds.

Most of the day was spent putting the list together, as well as working on informational packets for the weekend.

I left the office and hit the gym before picking up Caroline from the airport. I haven't been to the gym in a few days (well, not at last week) due to my back, so I wanted to get a workout in before the weekend (since I know I won't be getting any weights in until next week). I told Caroline to call me when she got in and (of course) I was in the shower when she did. Not to worry, however, as she still had to make her way to baggage claim and then wait for that to be offloaded.

As I was pulling up to the terminal, a couple of Metro police officers were in the street and one of them waved me to the curb.

"What for?" I asked her, curious as to why I was getting pulled over.

"Because I told you to," she responded.

"Alright, but why are you telling me?" I asked her as (in my mind) there was nothing I had done wrong.

"Just pull over to the curb," she ordered, this time her voice a little more terse.

I sat there while she and her partner were calling in my license plate and seeing whether I was on a terrorist watch list of some sort. After about five minutes of waiting for her to approach the car and ask me for my license and registration, it hit me: my tags appeared to be expired as I had yet to receive the stickers from DMV (I had renewed online).

I reached for the temporary registration and held it out the window. This prompted her to come forward and take the registration, telling me "I see you figured it out."

Uh, yeah, I figured it out, but would it have killed you to tell me sooner?

I called Caroline and told her to come down to door 5 (she was at door 6) and meet me there. She hesitated as she had a couple of bags, until I explained to her that the two police officers questioning me trumped her two bags. A couple minutes later, there she was, but she couldn't get in the car until I was cleared by the police.

The officer finally determined that my tags were legal and let us go.

The funniest thing about this is that Nina got pulled over by the same officers for not having any stickers on her tags at all an hour or so later! I wonder if the officers saw our last names and wondered whether there was any connection.

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