Friday, November 2, 2007

Day 254 - 11/01/2007

"I heard you missed us, we're back!"

And thus began a great night of music from a band I never thought would appear on the same stage together again: the original Van Halen. Well, almost the original lineup ("3/4 original, 1/4 inevitable" as David Lee Roth described them during the show); Michael Anthony was replaced by Wolfgang Van Halen -- Eddie's son -- on bass. It wasn't exactly the same as the original lineup, but I'd venture to guess that the difference was minimal vs. seeing Sammy Haggar in place of DLR.

Overall I thought the show was pretty good. While it wasn't anywhere near as good as their shows back in the day, they still made it enjoyable. DLR flubbed his lines every now and again (not good) and some of the interactions seemed forced, but hey, they need the money so they're going to go along to get along, right?!? Having seen DLR touring by himself years ago, I was able to see him with an "adult" outlook and was able to see the ridiculousness in his on-stage persona that I was blind to as a teen.

Would I see them again? No, I've had my walk down memory lane and have no desire to go back there. Now if it were Led Zeppelin, that'd be a different answer!

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