Monday, November 5, 2007

Day 257 - 11/04/2007

As I expected, the kids were up early and ignored the extra hour. I thought this over, though, and set their clocks back after they went to bed and told them they couldn't get out of their rooms until 830a (EST). This worked for M, but not for N. He was in our room at 730a. Oh well. D got out of bed and tried to keep him occupied downstairs, but it wasn't to be; I couldn't fall back asleep so I got up and joined the living.

I called over to mom's house to check on Rudy and was happy to hear he was home from the hospital. The long term prognosis hasn't changed, but at least he's at home vs. the hospital. After putting together N's bed, we went over for a visit and were glad to see his color has improved since last week, as were his spirits.

While there, we enjoyed an impromptu dinner with Cheryl, Nina and Vince while M and N enjoyed a visit with Sarah. We weren't planning on staying for dinner, but it turned out there was enough for everyone. After dinner we had to head back home. The kids finished watching whatever Brady Bunch episode they watched on the way over (or was it another one?) and I got to listen to my Sunday night radio shows; tonight was an old Dragnet episode. D doesn't seem to appreciate old time radio as much as I do (I do agree with her in that some of the Dragnet dialog is just hokey), but puts up with it because...well, I'm not really sure, but maybe it has something to do with it only being on once a week.

After we got home, we washed the kids up and sent them off to bed. N is in his new bed tonight and M is all kinds of jealous. She wishes she had a loft, but she's got the big room (and the big bed), there's no reason she needs a loft. I told her she could get one in college, but I don't think she wants to wait another 10 years. Oh well, life's tough like that.

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