Saturday, November 3, 2007

Day 255 - 11/02/2007

After last night's show, I decided to take the day off today. I ended up putting in a few hours thought, but just to make up for missed work earlier in the week.

I spent my day off taking care of long-neglected chores (mowing the yard) and running errands (bank, returns, shoe shopping). Later on, D and I took N to Bombay Kids to pick up a new bed for him. They're closing their stores and everything was on sale and since we had been talking about getting him a loft bed, we bit the bullet (before they sold out). We saved over $300 on the list price (which I'm sure didn't make our neighbors happy as they just recently bought one for list price). I was able to get some of the boxes in the van, but not all of them. I'll have to head back out tomorrow to finish the job.

Before getting the bed, we stopped off for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. It's been years since I ate there and was quite surprised to see the dining room empty. (Granted, it was only 5p, but still, for being right across from the Cinema de Lux, you'd have thunk it'd have been busier.) N actually like it (what's not to like about pizza?!?) and both D and I enjoyed our dinner, although her salad has changed a bit since she was last there. (M went at a friend's house after school; I picked her up after we got home.)

After the late night out last night, I decided to call it quits early and was in bed by 1030p or so.

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