Saturday, February 2, 2008

Day 345 - 02/01/2008

The kids had a two hour delay this morning due to. . .rain. Yes, you read that right. . .due to rain. (In all fairness, though, it was a little cold as well, so maybe they didn't want the kids to be cold and wet in the classroom.)

Whatever. Back in my day we had to go to school when it was cold and rainy.

And the teachers left the windows open so we could all catch chills and risk death by pneumonia.

Not really, but you get the point.

What was funny was that some folks didn't even think to check to see if school was delayed -- including one of our neighbors. She took her kids to school and found it closed. She turned back around and on her way home saw everyone leaving the local high school as well. That'll teach her not to check the closings the next time it's cold and rainy.

Tonight D and I watched last night's episode of Lost. I was quite happy to see it back on and am hoping the writer's strike will be resolved so we can have 16 episodes (vs. 8). Afterwards, I headed over the WaPo to read the Lost Dueling Analysis that appears after every episode. One thing I noticed was that no one thought it was Hurley's eye that was looking out the cabin window. Everyone thought it was Locke's.

I wasn't able to finish reading the analysis, though, as it was bedtime. Maybe tomorrow.

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