Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day 364 - 02/20/2008

Work was work. I thought I woke up feeling under the weather, but as the day progressed, I improved. I should've gone to bed earlier than I did, but I decided to stay up and read.

For work D made chicken, beans, peaches, a salad and biscuits. The peaches were canned in Illinois a few years back, but they're still as good as the day we worked them up. Before dinner, N and I played some pool until M was done with her homework. Once she was done, she came down and played a game as well. After dinner (and after N was in bed), M went on the treadmill for a mile while I played guitar.

I almost have the strum pattern down for Fall Line, but playing and singing at the same time are both a ways off. Practice is in order.

After M went to bed, D and I got sucked in to Terminator 3: Judgement Day on FX. She doesn't recall seeing it (I don't know when I did, maybe in OKC on one of my many trips?), so I watched it a bit with her before heading upstairs to get some reading in. I'm still reading Rising Tide and was excited to find out recently that I'm almost done. (That doesn't sound right; the book is good, but I want to finish it so I can move to the next one on the list.) I didn't realize it, but the last 100 pages or so are indexes, bibliography and other reference material.

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