Sunday, February 17, 2008

Day 360 - 02/16/2008

Not only are we now in the 360s as of today, my birthday party was also tonight. I had originally wanted a Mardi Gras party, but with Easter being early this year, it would've had to have been the first weekend in February and would've conflicted with the Super Bowl. A month or so ago D suggested we have an 80s themed party instead. It sounded like fun, so we ran with it.

After running around during the day getting everything done for the party, I headed up to Total Wine to pick up the kegs (because what's an 80s party without kegs?!?) and then to Giant to get a 12-pack of Beast and some Bartles & Jaymes for door prizes. I'm not sure whether it was the choice of beverages I had decided to purchase or whether I looked like a young whipper-snapper, but the cashier carded me. After I showed him my ID, he was taken aback and offered up a (barely audible) "Oh" and he turned and high-tailed it back to the self-checkout station. I got a kick out of that and made sure to share that with everyone at the party later on.

We were hoping everyone would dress in their worst 80s fashions (some did) and bring their worst 80s pictures (some did), but we were also hoping it would be a fun time (it was). We had asked people to bring pictures from the 80s showing them in high fashion (or bad fashion, as the case may be) and most folks brought their pics. We also played a "How well do you think you know M?" game, giving out the Beast as the top prize. I disqualified family members from winning, but as it turned out, only Nina did very well -- she tied with the eventual winner. We also did a trivia game where the contestants had to answer questions about the 80s. Caroline ended up winning that one, although both Charlie and Lori gave her a run for the money (she won the Footloose/Flashdance DVD). Lori didn't go away empty handed though, as she and Chris won 2nd place for best costume; first place went to Molly and Ted. Brian won the breakdancing contest later on (complete with cardboard dance floor) and he gave quite the winning speech.

The party ended up going into the late early morning hours (late as in 3-4a) before we finally called it quits. There's really too much that happened over the course of the evening to summarize here, but suffice it to say, a good time was had by all, especially by yours truly.

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