Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Day 356 - 02/12/2008

I woke up this morning to a sale. That continues the streak of one sale per month since going live 2.5 years ago. That might not sound like much (and trust me, it really isn't), but it's a nice ego boost to see that someone is paying me for something I created with that Melon between my ears. Let's hope that streak continues.

We had CCR this afternoon. Bales was going for four in a row but it wasn't in the cards (I think he was the first one pulled, IIRC). I've been on the bubble the last two times and was relieved to see my card pulled fourth (out of six players). Frank and Thuc were left on the bubble this month and, after 30+ free lunches, Thuc finally had to shell out for lunch. I really don't care who ends up paying, as long as it's not me. It just makes lunch taste that much better!

I was supposed to go to David's tonight, but with the ice storm, we canceled until next Tuesday. That works better for me anyway since it gives me more time to stretch my left hand when trying to cross five frets up near the top of the neck. Down the neck by the body, where the frets are pretty close together, I can bridge the gap pretty easily, but up near the bridge? Forget it. Actually, I can get it for a little bit, but after about a minute or so of playing, my hand starts hurting. I just have to keep telling myself that one day it will happen and all the practice I've put in will pay off.

So, instead of going to David's house, the kids and I played a Charlie Brown Valentine's Day game that Lori dropped for for N's party on Thursday at school. It's way convoluted for the kindergarteners though, so I don't think D will be bringing it in.

After the kids got to bed (which was late as we were in the basement looking through pictures for the Wall of Shame for the party on Saturday night), D and I watched Terminator: SCC on Tivo. We both get a kick out of the cyborg sent to protect Sarah and John; the other characters we could do without. It was good seeing David Silver [David Austin Green of 90210 fame] back on the small screen. I wonder where the rest of the 90120 gang are? Hanging out at the Peach Pit?

Before hitting the sack, I browsed the music for my party and tagged those songs I wanted to hear. I was able to cull the list from 8 days to 14 hours, as well as remove any duplicates. D will need to go through them again to add/remove any songs she wants played, but for now, I think we're pretty much set.

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