Sunday, June 3, 2007

Day 102 - 06/02/2007

Both M and N had ball games this morning. N and I rode to his as it was up at Poplar Tree Park and by the time it was done (at 1030a), the temps were reaching the upper 90s. We rode home, expecting to find an empty house (thinking D and M were at M's game), but they were home. They stopped by the house after pictures as it didn't take as long as we thought it would.

The three of them drove to M's game, but I rode my bike to the field (Greenbriar East). The ride was a quick one and took me along Rocky Run trail in Greenbriar. It's a great trail that I often use when I run and is pretty much shaded the entire way.

The ball field, however, was not. D and Heather stood in the shade the entire time, but I sat in the sun, taking stats. Fortunately I slathered on suntan lotion (or, sun cream, as it's called in the UK) so I wouldn't get burned.

After the game, I headed up to the store for fixin's for dinner. Since we ordered pizza for Memorial Day, I wanted to have burgers and dogs for dinner. While shopping I got the idea that we should have friends over for dinner and bought a little extra in case we did.

While I was finishing up, I called D to get her choice of beverages and she told me that our neighbor had dropped off the kitten that she had for us. By the time I got home, he had crawled under the vanity in our bathroom and couldn't be coaxed out. He would stay that way until I took apart the vanity (e.g., sawed off the shoe molding w/ a hacksaw) later that night. He's a cute little guy, although he seems to be underfed. He's pretty much nothing but skin and bones and does not look like he's been eating properly. He's entirely grey from nose to tail (a dark grey, sort of like a thundercloud) and looks to be short-haired. It's hard to tell right now though, maybe his hair will turn out differently. We're still settling on what to name him. As with most pets, we need to figure out his personality and go with something that matches that. Right now we're not really calling him anything.

The Barnes family came for dinner and we ended up out on the deck until late. The kids didn't get to bed until 1030p and D and I were up until past midnight getting the kitten out from under the vanity. I just hope that Butterfly adjusts without too much difficulty. The last time we tried to bring in a new cat to the house, she started peeing on our bed (which she does when she's stressed out). Hopefully this won't be a repeat of that.

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