Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Day 111 - 06/11/2007

With the kids out of school for the summer, this morning was the first opportunity I had to ride my bike to work. As with most other mornings, everything went fine until the lawn care parking lot on Stonecroft. As usual, right as I'm approaching the lot, a couple of trucks pull out belching filth into my path. As usual, I slow down from 18-20 to 11-13 to lessen the depth the fumes will reach within my lungs. Fortunately, this didn't cause me to miss the light at 50 as it's butt-long to begin with.

I hit the gym, had a good workout and showered (they fixed the water, I can shower!) before heading across the parking lot to the office for a long day of sitting at my desk. (Actually, it won't be that long as I have to leave by 430p to get home in time to get ready for M's softball team party.

I broke up the day by heading out with some colleagues for lunch at the South Riding Inn. I must not be feeling well as this is two lunches in a row with colleagues. I wasn't planning on going but 1) there were no paper towels in the kitchen, so I couldn't cover my soup bowl and prevent it from splattering all over the microwave; and 2) $5 burgers all day long on Mondays! Now, I'm not one to tout the health benefits of burgers and fries, but for $5, I figure I'd give it a shot. As it turns out, I wasn't disappointed. Both the burger (topped with cheddar, provolone, bacon and jalapeƱos) and the fries were very satisfying. This might become a regular Monday destination (well, maybe every other Monday).

As planned, I left work about 430p. We had to leave for M's softball party by 530p and I needed to wash up once I got home. I just missed the light at 50 as it turned red right as I got to it. Oh well, nothing like huffing the fumes of the afternoon rush hour chugging along 50 for three minutes waiting for the light to cycle through to green. This was an omen, though, as I was stopped at the majority of the lights I hit on the way home (except for the one at Point Pleasant that turned green right as I approached it and I smoked the Jaguar off the line).

We picked up Heather, Ryan and Riley on the way to the party (Burke was coming from work) and made our way to the party. Even with a detour due to construction on Centreville Road, we still arrived right on time. Of course, in doing so, we proved to be the first one there. Drinks were ready for us, as were chips and the pizza arrived after a while. The girls got their medals and after some more chit-chat, we headed home...

...where we finished watching The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (but not until the kids showered, where N slipped on the soap and whacked his eye against something and now he looks like he got in a barroom brawl). As it has all along, it stayed true to the book. Now we only need to suffer through three more movies. I'm not sure if I'll be able to handle it if the special effects are the same. They remind me of those used in Dr. Who back in the '80s. I will, however, rent the recent remake to see what modern-day CGI can do for it. I'm sure it will be much easier on the eyes.

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