Monday, June 18, 2007

Day 115 - 06/15/2007

I left early today as D had a doctor's appointment. She and the kids were down at Molly's when I got home, so I met her there before heading home for lunch. I had planned on getting the kids after I ate lunch, but before I could finish, they came up (as did Kendall, Charlie and Betsy) to see if we could go to the pool. Seeing as work wasn't pressing (I just needed to monitor e-mail), I agreed and, after changing into our suits, we headed to the pool.

The weather wasn't all that conducive to being in the water, but that didn't stop us (although it did stop most other people -- we were the only ones there!). While the kids played in the shallow end, I swam some laps (10 in all). It isn't much, but it's better than nothing (especially as I blew off going to the gym today since I knew I'd be leaving early). I'm not training for anything; I'm just doing it for exercise. Hopefully by the end of the summer I'll be up to 20 laps at a time. (I'm sure I could do that amount now. It's not about the distance, but the time I have during breaks.)

After returning from the pool, I got to work on iTriTracker. I had a customer report an issue with importing multisport events (e.g., she couldn't), so I've been working on trying to figure out the problem. Fortunately she sent me the file she was using so I was able to replicate the issue and code a fix. Now I just need to update the help file and website before releasing the upgrade. She's been amenable to the delay in getting her data into iTriTracker, which is nice, especially since she encountered an error shortly after purchasing her license.

Speaking of iTriTracker, it's been three years now since I came up with the idea to create it. Hopefully the next three years will see many more customers heading my way, I'm getting tired of supporting this venture with Cabell's Mill website administration money. (Of course, seeing as I'm not really doing much to earn the $50 monthly retainer, I guess I shouldn't complain too much.)

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