Monday, June 25, 2007

Day 124 - 06/24/2007

As I stated in a previous post, six tickets to today's Nats game (vs. Cleveland) were provided to my team at work, but only one other person was interested in going, so we split them. Mike took his son and D, M, N and I took the other four. Mike met us at the house so we could carpool (we were also provided a parking pass, saving $15 in parking).

We left the house about 1130a (30 minutes behind schedule) and arrived at RFK just about noon. The place was empty; there was no traffic at all heading down 395 and only a single car in front of us at the entrance and the prime (e.g., shady) spots were still available, so we took one. We had the table and chairs setup within minutes and we were soon enjoying assorted foodstuffs. After quenching our thirst and filling our bellies, we headed into the stadium about 1p (it was a 135p start).

After waiting in a short line, I got turned away due to the contraband in my bag. Apparently we're allowed to bring in water (or flavored water), but not sodas or Gatorade. I stepped out of line, traded the Gatorade that was in my bag for the water that was in my pocket and got in another line. I held the bag so that it was in front of the bulging pocket and was allowed in (although she did ask to see the contents of the pocket that she could see -- it was simply my phone, wallet and keys).

The seats were pretty good, although there was no chance in getting a fly ball as we were directly behind home, but underneath the upper deck. The ball would have to bounce at an odd angle if it was to get back to our seats. On the bright side, however, we were sitting in the shade and didn't have to worry about overheating or getting sunburned.

As soon as we sat down, the kids started in on getting their Dipping Dots. I finally relented during the 3rd inning. We walked up to the concourse and halfway around the stadium before heading down a level (where we bought them before). We happened upon the stand and went back to our seats. As it turned out, the stand was right outside the portal beside our section. Had we simply gone down to the portal (vs. up), we wouldn't have had to walk all that way. That's alright, the kids enjoyed it (and it got them out of their seats for some time as well).

They were over it by the 6th inning. However, since Mike came with us, I didn't want to leave early. I hatched a plan that, if things came to a head, I'd take the kids and explore the stadium and meet Mike back at the van. After the 7th inning stretch he said he was ready whenever, so we watched the rest of the inning and took off, listening to the rest of the game in the van on the way home. Apparently, Mike had grown tired of having his son ask for more cotton candy, so he did what every parent should do when faced with constant requests: He took away the desire for (more cotton candy) by changing the venue.

They eventually won the game by a score of 3-1.

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