Friday, June 29, 2007

Day 128 - 06/28/2007

I had lunch with my dad today. We went to Euro Bistro over in Herndon (it's near Teocalli Tamale). We've been there once before, but it's been a while and, since work is pretty slow, I suggested we head out there.

As always (always being the two other times I've been there), I started off with the goulash. Yum.

I then had the ripchen (a smoked pork chop), which came with a side of garlic mashed potatoes and red cabbage. I was turned onto this in Oklahoma City at Keller in the Castle. We'd have a couple of Franzizkhaner to wash down the meal and were always satisfied. I wish this was as good as the meal in OKC, but it was not to be. The pork was smoked so much it tasted like a thick slice of ham. (Not that it was bad, mind you, the meal was delicious, it's just that it wasn't what I was expecting.)

The red cabbage was on the sweet side, as well as a little soupy. You could taste the apples in it, although there was nothing to indicate there were apples in the meal (I'm guessing they used apple juice). It wasn't anywhere near as good as the cabbage I make; I would not opt for it again.

My dad got the sausage platter. I was thinking about that, but went with the ripchen instead. Hmmmmm...I'm beginning to see a pattern here: First I'm disappointed with my second choice at M&S last weekend and now I'm disappointed with my meal at Euro Bistro.

Lesson learned: Stick with the first choice and get on with it.

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