Thursday, June 7, 2007

Day 106 - 06/06/2007

N had another game tonight. When will this season be over? I've come to the conclusion that weeknight games and 5-6 year old kids don't mix. Yet again the kids were goofing off, not playing like they should and walking (or skipping) on the basepaths. The saving grace was that there were only seven players on the opposing team, which made the game go by pretty quickly. After getting home, I had the remaining coco loco mix from the weekend to soothe the jagged edges. It's pretty bad when a T-ball game drives you to drink.

Once the kids were in bed, I settled into Game 5 of the Stanley Cup. Down 3-1, the Senators needed a great game to mount their comeback, but the Ducks wouldn't let them. Every time they got some momentum going, the Ducks came back with more of their own. At the end of the game, both sides shook hands (which is one of my favorite scenes in all of sport) and the Ducks raised Lord Stanley's Cup in celebration. All in all, this year's playoffs were pretty good. I didn't watch nearly as many games as I usually do. I'm not sure if that's due to my new-found mental state or whether it's just the realization that, whether I watch it or not, the outcome will be the same, so why not do something that's more worthwhile (like work on iTriTracker or read a book or something else productive). Maybe the Caps will provide me with more of a reason to watch next year. I'm getting tired of rooting for good hockey vs. my home team.

During intermission, I put some time into adding a few links to One was to a triathlon training course that sent me a linkback request. I checked out their site and thought it would benefit me as well, so I honored their request. I also added one to one of the running forums I participate in. Working on it reminded me that I have some work to do with regard to analytics and search engine optimization in order to (hopefully) up the page rank and make it more visible to search engines and (theoretically) increase sales.

Back in April, D asked me to put together a slideshow with pictures of M's class over the course of the year.

"Sure," I told her, "not a problem. When did you want it done?"

"June 6th so I can hand them out at their end of the year party on June 7th," she replied.

"Not a problem."

Uh, yeah, apparently it was a problem as when she asked me about it after I had settled into watching hockey, I had completely forgotten about it. (To her credit, she had reminded me about it a few times after her initial request.) I tried to offer alternatives or suggest that I could get it done, but it was too little, too late. I dropped the ball and now I had to find a way to pick it up. It wasn't going to happen tonight, though, as D had resigned herself to using plan B: Shutterfly.

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