Monday, June 18, 2007

Day 117 - 06/17/2007

Today is my day in my household. It's not my birthday, but Father's Day. With that in mind, I'm going to do things my way. (Of course, I'll take suggestions from my family, for without them, I wouldn't be able to celebrate the day!)

I started off the day with a 40 minute run. (Well, technically only 28 minutes as the first and last six minutes were spent walking as a warmup/cooldown.) As much as I want to do more, I'm afraid of relapsing with my knees. After one run, they're fine, but after 2-3 over the course of the week, they start to bother me in my every day life (e.g., sitting at my desk at work). This is what I'm trying to avoid. I can deal with the pain during the run (which, fortunately, has been pretty much non-existent), but I'd rather not have pain when I'm just sitting around.

After my run, I kicked back on the deck and read the paper, sipping my coffee and noshing on my breakfast (consisting of an onion bagel, lox, cream cheese, tomato and onion). D was kind enough to pick up the breakfast fixin's for me, knowing how much I love bagels and lox. Yum

Since the kids slept in late (and I was being lazy), we decided to postpone Mass until 1230p and the kids and I went for a bike ride. 90+ minutes and ~5 miles later, we arrived back home, just in time to...miss Mass. Not to worry, there's always 530p.

We ate lunch and hit the pool, whee I played with the kids and got in 500 meters in the lap lane during breaks to finish my first ever Father's Day Triathlon (although it was in reverse order from they typical triathlon).

After the pool, we finally got to Mass. I called in an order to Tony's for a couple of pies (cheese for the kids, pepperoni, mushrooms and sausage for the grownups) that I picked up after dropping D and the kids off at home. (Tony's is the only restaurant I have in my cell's phone book. Try them if you're in the area. You will NOT be disappointed!) Since it's Father's Day, it's my choice and that's what I chose for dinner!

I've never been one for celebrating Father's Day as I didn't see the need. Not sure whether this is a result of my upbringing or just because I don't think there needs to be a reason to celebrate fatherhood anymore than there needs to be a reason to celebrate motherhood. My outlook has changed over the past few months though. No longer do I look at things from my point of view; I have learned to try and look at things from my kids point of view. This has helped me see a bigger, more important picture. Again, even though today is Father's Day, a day to celebrate fathers, the family shouldn't be ignored. They're the reason we (fathers) are being honored. The least we can do is remember them on this (and every other) day as well.

D, M and N -- thank you for the great day today and for everything you bring me on a daily basis. I love you all very much.

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