Monday, June 18, 2007

Day 114 - 06/14/2007

Who'd have thunk there was a good happy hour spot in Chantilly? I certainly didn't. (Of course, being a happily married man, the only time I go to happy hour is when my colleagues put something together. It's not like I need to head out on a daily basis like some of the regulars at Fat Tuesday's back in the day.)

Well, today I found out differently. We typically go to The Bungalow for happy hour, but that's fallen out of favor as, unless you're playing pool, there's not a lot of room for a large group (unless the Monkey Room is opened, which it usually isn't as it's typically booked up with private parties).

Anyway, today I discovered something new. In downtown Chantilly, amidst the strip malls, auto parks and traffic laden roads, there's a place where happy hour exists. The only specials that exist are $1.25 domestic bottles (of the BudMilCo variety). (Of course, seeing as I shy away from cold piss, Guinness is on tap, although the price was anything but special.) Even though it was threatening to rain and the temps were in the 60s, there were tons of people on the outside patio. At first, most of the clientele was of the suit variety, coming from work for a few cold ones, but as the afternoon wore on and turned into early evening, the business crowd thinned out, only to be replaced with twenty-somethings on the prowl.

The place?

Backyard Grill.

P.S. You know what's funny? When I spellchecked this post, BudMilCo was highlighted as incorrectly spelled. The first word offered as a replacement was Buttermilk.


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