Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Day 119 - 06/19/2007

Frank stopped by the office after a meeting and we shot the breeze before deciding to head over to Phô 98 for a bowl of soup and some spring rolls. He picked up the other Frank and I met "the Franks" (as I refer to them when they're together) at the restaurant. (I had guitar lessons at 1230p, so I had to drive separately). Not only was it hot outside (90°+), but it was hot inside as well. I'm not sure if their A/C was running on low or the fact that we were sitting in front of the window that was the root of the interior discomfort. Of course, the additional heat we added to the soup probably didn't do much for our body heat. I was sweating bullets by the time lunch was over. Of course, halfway through my soup I added a second squirt of lime, but it slipped out of my fingers and splashed in my soup. Said soup then splattered all over my shirt, forcing me to make a trip home for a new shirt.

After lunch, I headed across the parking lot for my guitar lesson. They're repaving the parking lot, so parking was at a premium, but I got a rock star spot. The bad thing was that I still had to walk across the lot to the store and the smell was enough to give you a headache. Fortunately it didn't permeate into the store, otherwise I don't think I could've handled it.

I learned a new chord (G7) and got a few more pages to practice (in addition to what I'm already doing). The only thing that was crossed off the list was Brother John (Are You Sleeping?). There were a few things I need to work on from last week (note identification, scales and chord changes), but overall Greg saw improvement. More importantly, so do I.

Now that M is moved up to the regular swim team, she's got to participate in the regular team events. Tonight was time trials so I took M to the pool and hung around while the team warmed up. (The 8&U kids didn't get but five minutes to warm up, whereas the rest got about 30 minutes....hmmmm....maybe it's so that the kids don't get too tired warming up too much.) I volunteered to be a timer and had a pretty good time of it. Even though she didn't win any of her events, M did pretty good...especially considering she's only been to two practices. I imagine that by the end of the season, she'll be in the top half of the better swimmers in her age group. Her strokes need some work, but again, after two practices, that's to be expected. I'm glad she decided to join the swim team (and even more proud of her for sticking with it after being moved up vs. quitting). I hope she has just as much fun (if not more) as I did.

After we got home, we decorated her cake. (We're celebrating her birthday tomorrow, even though her birthday isn't until Monday.) This year we didn't go whole hog with the cake (vs. last year with the swimming pool) and did a simple sleeping bag. Well, simple in the way that the Partridge Family bus is a school bus with a simple paint scheme.

Of course, after it was done, it just looked like a cake with modern art frosting (don't ya think?!?). All that's needed is black stripes separating the colors and it would look good in a frame. Or on a bus.

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