Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Day 41 - 04/02/2007

Took the day off today to see the home opener of the Washington Nationals. They got shellacked 9-2. This by their "ace" pitcher. With that in mind, it'll be a L-O-N-G season. Aside from that, however, we had a great time. Seats were pretty good (sat in section M47 out in right field), the beer was cold, the grub was good and the company was enjoyable. A fun time was had by all, except for Nats fans, who had to lament their team's 0-1 start. I guess that now includes me as I've finally made the switch from being an AL fan to being an NL fan. Maybe one day I'll visit Camden Yards and root for my (formerly) beloved O's, but that won't happen as long as Peter Angelos has his fingers in the heart of the organization.

This was the last home opener at RFK for baseball (for the foreseeable future). As part of the promotion, they gave away hats to all those in attendance. The hat was actually pretty nice (for being free) and fit rather well. Too bad, though, it was short lived. When I got home, N asked me where I got it and after I told him, I asked him if he wanted it. The look in his face when I did that more than made up for me not having it. It's the little things like that that make me feel good inside. I wish I could have come to that realization years ago and enjoyed M more as a little girl. Live and learn, I guess, but at least I can now move ahead with that philosophy and try and enjoy the days to come.

Next year the Nationals will be moving to their new stadium. I seriously doubt tickets will be as readily available for their home opener as they were for this game, but you never know. It was mentioned at the game that we should get tickets to the last home game of the season, just to close out the stadium. Lots of good times were had in the parking lot during football games, concerts and baseball games, it's going to be sorely missed. Word on the street is that The Danny will be moving the 'Skins back to DC, but more than likely that will include imploding RFK and doing away with the parking lots as we've known them. I'm not looking forward to that one iota.

On the way home I looked over to the driver in the car next to us and saw her sneeze. No one else was in the car with her, so I said (to myself) "Bless you." That got me thinking about who she was and where she was going, what she did for a living and what kind of house she lived in. A few more questions popped into my mind about her and then she was gone, only to be replaced by a single male driver who was making hand gestures while he talked on the phone. That was my Eureka! moment; I would write about people I see in their cars, filling in as many gaps as possible, while at the same time basing their stories on the facts of their lives as I know them. I'm not sure how I'll accomplish this (or even why I want to do this), but I figure if I can get a dozen good stories out of it, it would be worth it. I've always had an itch to write a novel, but haven't found the right story to tell as of yet. Maybe it will come out this exercise. Once I get the gist of it figured out, I'll write more. I'm thinking it will probably be in blog format, so it's more readily available, but then again, maybe I shouldn't so it won't be so readily available. Decisions, decisions, why didn't I buy insurance?!?

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