Sunday, April 22, 2007

Day 58 - 04/19/2007

If it's Thursday, it must be practice.

Actually, bit by bit, the kids are improving. While a couple of them still have a lot of growing to do with regard to staying focused, overall they're coming along. I imagine that in a couple of weeks, this bunch of kids will actually look like baseball players (vs. looking like a pack of kids chasing after a ball). As for that lack of focus, I think I'll attribute that to them being 5. Yeah, that's the ticket (and a perfectly acceptable one to boot!). But, to a player, they all appear to be having fun, which is really all that matters at this age. While I'd love for them to pick up the skills quicker, if they have a good time doing so, that's good enough for me.

Hit the gym at lunch for a quick spin on the bike. (I was supposed to do this on 04/18, but a Nationals game got in the way). Did 45 minutes and was sweating like a pig. I'm not sure why, but riding the stationary just makes me sweat profusely. Maybe it's the fact that there's no circulation at the gym. Oh well, at least it gives me time to catch up on my reading!

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