Monday, April 16, 2007

Day 53 - 04/14/2007

Opening day for the 2007 CYA T-Ball league!

To sum up what these games are like, I would liken them to "Organized chaos." Nine kids scrambling for the ball, diving on it when it comes to them like it's a fumbled football. Or, like I thought while standing out in the field trying to coach the two players under my stead, like a soldier falling on a grenade, except that all of the players were fighting to fall on it as well.

Each game is made up of three innings. No score is kept, not stats are kept, no outs are made (and if, by some miracle they are, the player stays on base). Each inning is made up of all players hitting the ball of the T. After hitting the ball, the players advance a base. When the last player comes up to bat and hits the ball, the bases are cleared and the inning is over.

Of course, distractions are bound to occur, such as bathroom breaks during the middle of the game (sure, just leave the field if you need to go) or the playground calling the players from beyond third base.

N started out as pitcher (well, he didn't pitch, but stood in the pitcher's position) and stopped most balls hit his way. The second inning he played shortstop, followed by a stint in left field. No matter where the ball was hit on the field, the players all ran to the ball to try and stop it. It was quite comical, to say the least.

Like I said, organized chaos.

Afterwards, Riley came over and played with M while D went out to run some errands. I took advantage of the quiet and did some work on the migration (yes, it's a Saturday, but I wasn't able to finish up on Friday), before heading back out and finishing up on some of the yardwork I put off completing on Friday. Of course, as soon as I got to the point of no return, the rain started, making the job a wet one. (I planted the lavender and catmint next to the mailbox, but still need to cover it with mulch before I'd call it finished.)

Dinner was made up of pizza pie. Doug and Nancy dropped off Michael before heading over to an anniversary party and we all enjoyed a quiet evening at home.

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