Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day 55 - 04/16/2007

Is it bedtime yet? I'm w..a..a..a..a..a..a..a..a..a..a..y tired and am really looking forward to going back to bed. And it's only 930a. I guess I need to start getting more sleep on the weekend, otherwise Monday's will be a d..r..a..g.

That being said, I was able to drag my ass to the gym and get in a good workout. I'm going to try a new schedule of workouts during the week in order to (hopefully) boost my cardio by doing weights and cardio on Mondays and Fridays, with a cardio session on Wednesdays. Hopefully I can add a couple of runs during the week for a good mix and I'll be set. I went out over the weekend and my knees felt pretty good. Now if they will stand the test of time and allow me to up the time and distance that I'm able to run. I'll be satisfied if I can reach 60 minutes (although even half that would be acceptable).

I continued working in the basement, moving the ping pong table out of the way and started to move some of the stuff in the front to the back. There's still a ways to go, however, but, as I told D, it took us a while to accumulate it, it will take us a while to go through it and get rid of it. My goal is to combine all of my various boxes of old stuff (e.g., junk memorabilia) into one storage bin. I don't plan on accumulating much else in the way of memorabilia (except for patches), so one bin should be enough for the foreseeable future.

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