Friday, April 27, 2007

Day 64 - 04/25/2007

Met D for lunch at Preet. It's been a while since we had a lunch date and with her potentially going back to work and summer looming, time is running out. Of course, I could always go home for lunch, but that's not the same as having focused one-on-one time together. It's also been a while since I've lunched at Preet and it hasn't changed much. The tikka aloo was a bit overdone, but other than that, the food was excellent. And as is usually the case when I eat there (or any Indian buffet), I overate, finishing two plates, plus some kheer for dessert.

After work I hit the gym for 40 minutes on the bike and that helped me feel less full, but even after that, I skipped the bulk of dinner (I had some fruit and cheese) as I was still pretty full from lunch. D joined me in skipping dinner; maybe it's just the effect Indian food has on you: It leaves you fuller throughout the day.

Yet another day went by where I neglected the yard. The forecast called for rain, so I didn't bother putting down the fertilizer like I was planning to during the week. Of course, it didn't rain, so another opportunity was lost. Oh well, maybe Friday (as we have practice on Thursday).

D and I watched Heroes that we Tivo'd on Monday. While I enjoy the show, it's pretty much fluff. There's no deep plot, no twists and turns, no drama other than what's on the surface. But I think that's part of the draw. Unlike Lost, where there's a whole fanbase on the Internet devoted to every little detail, Heroes doesn't seem to have the same fanaticism associated with it (unless it's out there and I'm just not as interested in looking for it as I am with Lost). I'm still left wondering whether this will be a one-season story (much like 24) with a new story starting next season for our heroes to follow. Or will the same people even be in the next season? I'm not sure, but also really don't care. It's interesting, yes, but not all-consuming (at least to me) like Lost. Even with the negative press and slow start to the season, I still think Lost is the best show on TV. (Of course, there are only three shows that I watch, so maybe I'm not qualified to make that proclamation!)

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