Friday, April 6, 2007

Day 44 - 04/05/2007

N had his second practice tonight. I got to (try and) teach the basics of throwing and catching to a trio of 5 year olds who were more interested in kicking up clouds of dirt. Is it over yet? No, I'm not really complaining, just voicing my frustration at the lack of ability for me to let go and remember that these are 5 year olds who would rather kick up clouds of dirt vs. learn how to play a sport. No wonder practices are only an hour long!

That being said, when one of the boys went to bat, I did make progress w/ N and his teammate (after N learned that when going for a ground ball, he wasn't on stage and he didn't have to make a pratfall EVERY time, that is!). Now, if his teammate could get the mechanics of throwing the ball down, he'd be pretty good. They both took kindly to understanding what it meant to back up first base (we were positioned in the outfield during batting and running practice). It was pretty funny, though, to see the disorganization running amok on the field whenever a ball was hit. (Suprisingly enough, one of the kids hit the ball into the outfield off the tee!)

D was able to find the story on the fire on the web. Apparently the fire was started by the homeowner working on his motorcycle on his back porch. Apparently a spark caused the gas to catch on fire and before he knew it, flames were crawling up the back of the house. I went by it after mowing the yard on Wednesday and they were putting up a tarp over the roof to protect it further from the elements. I'm not sure what needed protecting seeing as they were dousing water on the fire on it for a good hour before finally getting it out; I'm sure the water from the hoses didn't do much for the interior as well! The news report indicated there were four injuries: the homeowner and three firefighters. All of them are expected to survive, which is good to hear. I wonder what will be done in the neighborhood to help them out? That was one of M's concerns as we were watching the house burn; hopefully we'll be able to do something for them. I couldn't even imagine what they must be going through.

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