Sunday, April 29, 2007

Day 67 - 04/28/2007

N woke us up around 730a, so I went downstairs to set him up with a show. Afterwards I checked e-mail and responded to a query about supporting Suunto heart rate information in iTriTracker. (It currently doesn't, but if the guy can send in a file, I'll look into it.) Looking at the time, I thought I'd have time to fertilize the yard (as well as apply weed control) before we had to leave for N's game. The grass was wet from the night before (which is required for better weed control), so I only had to load the spreader and go.

Forty minutes later I was done, which left me with just enough time to change, grab some grub (oatmeal w/ a sliced banana, raisins and cranberries) and head out to the field. M wanted to ride with us, so the three of us left on our bikes; D drove the van and met us at the game (she would end up driving N and M over to M's game; I rode my bike and met them there). The problem child ended up not showing up, as did one of the other wanderers. However, one of the kids who just doesn't listen (and when he does, does it EXACTLY as he's told) did show up (he wasn't there last week).

It was interesting trying to get him to do what he was supposed to do. Funny, but interesting. He was playing catcher for the second inning and after I described what he needed to do, I left and coached the pitcher for a few batters, after which I returned to coach the catcher. In my absence, he had been playing in the dirt and just not paying attention. When I arrived back at home, I saw that he had been drawing a box (the opposing coach drew a box for the batters so that they would know where to stand). His box, however, had some flowers and a flag, along with his name to indicate it was his box. I was pulling my hair out trying to keep my cool, but I was able to struggle through it. (At times like these, I just keep thinking to myself [as opposed to thinking to others] that in an hour it will all be over. It usually works.)

Finally the game was over and, after loading the equipment into the van (Mike won't be there next week, so I've been promoted to acting head coach), as well as the kids' bikes, D took off for M's game and I followed on my bike. In my frenzy of volunteering for the kids' teams, I somehow signed up to keep stats. I thought "how hard could it be?" thinking that it'd be a piece of cake and likening it to keeping score at a professional ball game. Uh, no, it wasn't even close.

It was my first time and I had no idea what to expect. Not only was I in charge of keeping stats (each side of the inning was comprised of three outs or five runs, whichever came first), but I was also in charge of keeping the girls in order with regard to batting order. And all this without knowing but three of them. As I found out, it was nowhere near as easy as I thought it was, but I got through it. I now know what to expect the next game and will be much more prepared.

After the game, M and I rode our bikes home. It was longer than she thought, but she made it (it was about 3 miles, give or take) with only a few complaints (there's a huge hill at the very start, which would've been bad had it not also been the only hill). We got home just in time to head down to the Agan's birthday party. They celebrate their three kids' birthdays on the same day (this will be their last year doing so) since their birthdays are near each others. Sixty two kids were expected, as well as 40+ adults (some adults opted to drop their kids off, but since it was right down the street from us, both D and I stayed). Even with the size of the party, it didn't seem too crowded. They had a couple of moonbounces (on a regular one, the other an obstacle course), a cotton candy machine, arts and crafts stations, a couple dozen pizzas, the works. After the party wound down and most kids had left, the adults kicked the remaining kids out of the obstacle course and had races. Most of us ended up with moonbounce burn (sort of like rugburn, but worse), but it was worth it.

After the party wound down, we headed home where the kids got ready for bed, D got a shower and I went out for a run. I hadn't run in a couple of weeks (not really sure why) and was determined to go five...kilometers (which I did). Since I had been up and about pretty much all day, I didn't warm up with that much of a walk -- barely 1/10th of a mile. I then proceeded to run the next 3 miles and finished up in about 24 minutes. I don't think I could have gone much farther, although if I really pushed it, I'm sure I could have done another six (tops). Emotionally I felt fine, but I was huffing and puffing towards the end. The good news is that my knees didn't bother me all that much (well, not much more than they normally would). After getting home, I iced the right one while I played backgammon on the computer and then headed upstairs to shower for our group date.

One of D's friends had invited us out with her and and her husband and one thing led to another and before you knew it, there were three other couples joining them on their date. We had reservations all over town, but finally settled on Sakura (a Japanese restaurant in Fair Lakes where the food is cooked at your table). We met in the bar and after a couple of rounds, we were shown to our table. The table sat 10 people and there was another couple already there, so we immediately filled it up. We sort of felt sorry for the couple as they were overrun with a bunch of loud, talkative, laughing people who the didn't know. We couldn't figure out whether they were a couple or brother and sister. They looked alike, but it also appeared they were on a date. Regardless of their relationship, they didn't look like they were having much fun and we don't think they said two words to each other all night long. She spent more time on her phone than she did conversing in real life. They didn't even to enjoy it when the chef tossed the shrimp in the air for everyone to catch (well, one person at a time). Oh well, we had fun, even if the food wasn't all that great (well, not worth the price at least -- I'm pretty sure you pay extra for the "show" the chef puts on when he cooks at your table). The sushi we ordered was good though, and even though it was offered on a menu (vs. buffet), I might have to head there sometime as an alternative to Sho Chiku (the place in Centreville we usually go to for sushi).

After Sakura, it was still (somewhat) early, so we headed over to Coastal Flats for a couple of drinks. The ladies had Key Lime-tinis which, I must say, were pretty damn good (although I'd prefer it if mine were served in a highball for the more masculine look, please). After getting stuck w/ a Dominion Ale (which isn't all that bad) because they didn't have draft available at the outside bar, I switched to a mojito, which was also pretty good. After two rounds, we were ready to call it quits. We piled into Ted's car and were driven home.

For some reason we thought it was a good idea to watch SNL when we got home vs. going straight to bed. We finally dragged ourselves upstairs around 1230a and crawled into bed, dreading the next morning when we knew N would be in our room to wake us up at what we would feel was an unacceptable hour.

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