Friday, April 13, 2007

Day 50 - 04/11/2007

Dog-friendly restaurants?!?

Read about half-way down where the poster asks for suggestions on where he can take his (her?) dog with him (again, her?) for lunch. Uh, how about your backyard? Or the dog park?

Don't get me started on dog parks. I mean, what's wrong with just walking your dog? Why do you feel you must put your four-legged animal on a pedestal that should be reserved for your kids. And don't start on the whole "Rex is like the child I've always wanted." or "Fifi goes everywhere with me, I couldn't bear to be without her while I do my grocery shopping." I don't buy that. How would your kid feel if s/he knew he was equal to your dog? Probably not very happy (of course, I may be wrong, fortunately I've never been in that position).

But I digress.

So the poster is looking for a dog-friendly place to eat lunch (or maybe dinner). Here's a novel idea: Leave your pooch at home. Your dog is a pet, not a built in dinner date. It's not that I don't care for dogs, I just don't think any animal should be allowed in a public eating establishment (guide dogs withstanding as they're working).

Next week I'm going to post a query to Tom and ask if he knows of any feline friendly restaurants. I mean, why should the canine crowd have all the fun?

(Full disclosure: I'm not really a dog person. I'd much rather scoop a cat box twice a week than bag warm dog shit twice a day.)

On a completely unrelated note, the playoffs started. What playoffs you ask? As if there are any others that count! I'm talking NHL, baby! The second season started with a bang with a 4 OT game between the Canucks and the Stars. I'm glad I decided not to watch the game as I would never have made it through the next day at work. It's too bad the Caps aren't in it this year; I'll never forget the feeling experienced during the '98 run to the Stanley Cup finals vs. Detroit (the excitement of getting there, not the excitement of going 0-4 against the Red Wings).

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