Thursday, July 5, 2007

Day 132 - 07/02/2007

So I was in Costco getting D her iPod (actually trying to get it as they only have black and she wants white) when I heard my tummy grumble. I made my way back to the rear of the store where I was hoping there would be sample stations. I scored with three or four "good" stations (vs. "not-so-good" stations, which consist of trail mix, watermelon, borscht, etc., you know, stuff that you don't get jazzed about when you happen across it while grazing at Costco) that were serving garlic bread, Parmesan cheese spread, bruschetta and something else that I forget (but I know it was good).

Anyway, I went from one station to the next, getting a sample, pretending to look at the product packaging (oh yeah, that something else that I forgot I now remember -- cream puffs!) as if I was going to then seek out the product to buy it.

That's when it hit me: Is there a protocol for grazing at Costco? Do we (the grazers) have to show interest in the product? Should we have to feign enjoyment and say "Mmmmmmm, this is good!" when we have no intention what-so-ever of buying the product.

What do the sample people think as the grazers go from station to station? Do they think "Wow, everyone thinks this is great! We're going to sell tons of this stuff!" Are they then disappointed when they don't sell anything, but still run out of the allotted amount of samples?

See, it's stuff like this that I ponder while I'm bouncing from station to station, grazing on whatever is being offered, trying to quiet my rumbly tumbly.

Maybe next time I'll ask them.

In between bites of course.

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