Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day 142 - 07/12/2007

Tony told me about some of the big catfish that were being pulled from the pond and I had it in my mind that I'd get one too. (Two flatheads had been caught earlier in the summer: one was 18 lbs, the other 24 lbs.) I took the kids out with me to the pond to put out a jug with an array of bait to let sit over the course of the day. It was unsuccessful. The only thing I caught were lily pads. N caught his first fish (a bluegill -- which I actually caught, but gave the pole to N before landing it to give him the impression he caught it) and, later on, his second one (a bass, which he did catch all by himself). He's turning into quite the fisherman. M got skunked and wasn't happy about it. Things got even worse when she got a bug in her hair. From across the pond I could hear her yelling about it. I calmly walked over and told her, after brushing the Japanese beetle out of her hair, that these things happen in the country and if she couldn't handle it, we wouldn't return. To that she responded...

"But Da, I like the country; I just don't like it in my hair!"

After getting tired of fishing, M and Rachael went swimming and, after a while, we headed back to Angie's to get cleaned up for dinner (but not before N drove the tractor w/ Tony).

That night was the big get together at the pavilion. Tony counted 29 people (plus two dogs, but not counting the fish we caught). Having the pavilion on the pond is a nice amenity, especially with such a large family. It makes family get togethers a lot easier on everyone involved.

During dinner, we were sharing the story about how N drove the golf cart into the corn. I got my camera out to show the picture I had taken of the accident scene and passed it to Judy. She passed it to Nancy, who passed it to D's grandma. She looked at it and I told her that was the corn and she looked at it again. She then pointed to the tablecloth (which was a watermelon print) and told me "them's what we call watermelons" and laughed. Yes, it was pretty funny. I guess she didn't understand that the corn I had taken a picture of was the corn N had run over. Oh well, she got a laugh and, looking back, it's pretty funny.

After dinner the kids and I continued fishing and M finally got her first fish (right as I was about to give up and call it quits). Like N's first one, I caught it and gave her the pole so she could land it. Also like N, she caught her second one on her own. I'm glad that they both enjoy fishing as much as I do. It's not that I really care whether I catch anything or not (although I'd rather catch something than get skunked), it's just the idea of being out on the water, wasting time while at the same time appearing to be productive.

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