Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day 143 - 07/13/2007

We hit the road at 830a and passed through Charleston about 4p (which is where we usually stop for the day). We were making such great time that we decided to keep on keeping on and made the trip in one day. We ended up pulling into our driveway about 1030p (making the trip in just about 13 hours as we lost an hour crossing from Central Time to Eastern Time). Unlike previous trips, we only stopped when necessary and made them count. Lunch was eaten in the car when it started raining and gas stops were combined with potty stops. The kids were pretty good (overall), which made the trip that much better.

We got the kids to bed about 1145p and I sat down to get caught up with the Tour de France (I had been in an information black hole while in Olney with anything to do with the TdF). I finally got to sleep about 2a Saturday morning (which, I guess should go on the entry for 7/14, but I'm counting a day as between the time I wake up and the time I go to sleep).

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