Saturday, July 7, 2007

Day 136 - 07/06/2007

We left Chantilly at 850a for Dayton. "We" consisted of D, M, N and Nancy, D's mom. Like last year, we decided to stop in Dayton for a quick visit with Jim, Amanda and Emily before heading on to Illinois to visit D's relatives. (Ann was heading up to the UP, so we will miss her on this trip.) Unlike last year, however, we only stayed one night as we weren't going to be on the road as long.

On the way out of the neighborhood, I called to let them know we were leaving and Ann answered the phone. I wasn't expecting her to be there but her plans changed, so we'll be able to see her (along with Jim, Amanda and Emily).

We arrived in Dayton about 530p. We had dinner and then walked to Ritter's (the local ice cream stop) for some ice cream. The walk did us wonders as we'd been in the car all day (it was about 3.5 - 4 miles round trip). As we were walking to Ritter's, the group was ahead of me and the evening sun was casting long shadows and they had just come out of the shadow of a tree. It was picture perfect, so I took it. I thought it turned out pretty good and am hoping to enter it into a contest. I love the way it captures the summer evening and I especially love the way M is the only one looking back at the camera while the rest walk along, unaware that I'm capturing the moment.

After we got home, the kids got bathed and they attempted to sleep in the trailer (with Emily). That didn't last long. M abandoned ship first (even before getting in bed) and N gave up the ghost shortly after getting in bed. In the end, Ann and Jim slept in the trailer and the kids slept inside.

Good clean fun.

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