Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day 140 - 07/10/2007

Our first full day in Olney was spent fishing. We went up to Jane and Tony's to get in some fishing and visit with them and D's grandma. I was jazzed about the fishing, whereas the kids were jazzed about driving the golf cart around the pond. The wind was coming in from the southwest and not many bites were to be had, so we decided to swim instead. I got a couple of bites before finally landing the first fish of the summer. It was a 10" bass that was tossed back. The kids wanted to keep it, but since I had no intention of cleaning it (or wanting to cook it), back it went for next year.

The pond water was surprisingly clear this year. And refreshing (as it usually is). M and I went swimming and enjoyed the cool water. We were finally able to get N to get in, although he was somewhat hesitant. I tried to take him out beyond the dock and was somewhat successful, but he wanted the security of the shore. That's alright, M wouldn't even get in the pond until last year (at 8), so him getting in at 5 is pretty good.

Speaking of N and country life, apparently it agrees with him. He loves driving the golf cart around the pond and even drove D and Angie up to Grandma's place. He got a little crazy on the way, though, and ran into the corn. D and Angie laughed at him and he went in even farther. I went back and got a picture of the scene and will post it soon. It was pretty funny.

We had our first taste of the fair when we went to Mariah's talent show. Her dance troupe danced to "Butterfly Kisses" and ended up winning 1st prize in their age category. The show started at 7p and ended about 945p. She wasn't kidding when she said they went towards the end. They were the second to last act to perform. We suffered through the acts (well, actually we didn't suffer through them, some of them were pretty good) and afterwards checked out the display of John Deere farm equipment. N was in hog heaven (complete with the eau de hog permeating from the livestock being shown at the fair).

As an added treat, we sampled some fine fair cuisine, including curly fries, funnel cake, corn dogs, shake ups (lemonade made on the spot) and a gyro (of all things). It was goooooood.

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