Sunday, July 22, 2007

Day 150 - 07/20/2007

We got our new dishwasher installed today. The guy was supposed to be here between 1p and 2p and showed up at 1230p! What's up with that?!? A guy coming before (before!) his appointment time? Does he not realize he's got a code to follow that dictates he shouldn't show up until as late as possible in the given window?!? He won't make it far in the Installation Service Association of America, that's for sure!

So now that it's installed, I learned that with the buttons on the top of the door, we'll need to have the kids push the buttons. (Our grownup fingers are too big to fit between the top of the door and the bottom of the counter. Well, they do if we suck in.)

Of course, had I bothered to RTFM, I would have found out I can push the buttons *before* closing the door, so now we can run the dishwasher without requiring the kids to be around. Won't they be happier for my reading skills (and my wallet lighter, as I'm sure they'd demand their allowance be adjusted for having to push the buttons for us when we want to run the dishwasher).

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