Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day 160 - 07/30/2007

I was hoping to sleep in at least a little bit after coming back from vacation, but no, the cats had other plans. Smokey woke me up by walking all over me and then his motor started running. What he lacks in a meow he makes up in a purr (unlike Sam, who lacked in purring department, but more than made up for in his incessant mewing). So, at 620a, I got out of bed, showered, ate breakfast and was out the door, arriving at work about 7a.

On the bright side, though, getting in early means getting out early.


In this case, it was true. I got home about 430p and started on the lawn. It's been a few weeks (!) since I last mowed it and, with the rain we got over the weekend, it looked awfully shaggy.

After mowing, I cleaned the driveway in anticipation of sealing it on Tuesday. D's taking the kids to the Eastern Shore for the week (I'll catch up with them on Friday), so I won't have to worry about them walking across it accidentally or anything.

After getting my chores done (including putting the kids to bed), I settled down to catch the last stage of the TdF on Tivo. As expected, there were no changes in the GC, but it was a good final stage anyway. Hopefully there will be no surprises this year and Contador will ride in the Maillot Jeune to start next year's Tour.

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