Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Day 161 - 07/31/2007

Happy Birthday, Tom!

Here's hoping you're enjoying your day. What am I talking about?!? Of COURSE you're enjoying your're on vacation and it's your birthday!

Today is also the day we decided to thank our intern for all his hard work and we took him out to lunch at the Malibu Grill. If you've never been there, it's a Brazilian place where guys walk around with meat on sticks. They'll keep giving you their meat (get your mind out of the gutter) until you tell them to stop. I had way too much (as is the norm in an all you can eat setting), but sort of planned it that way (w/ D out of town, I wasn't planning on dinner, so I took that into consideration).

Of course, I also rode my bike to work and hit the gym, so I took that into consideration, too. I needed the extra protein to replenish my muscles.

After forcing my way through the day without lapsing into a food coma, I rode home and tackled the chores I had ahead of me. As scheduled, I sealed the driveway, ruining a 13 year old t-shirt along the way. (Actually, it was on the road to being ruined after I splattered deck sealer on it when I sealed the deck. It was for this reason that I chose it to use when sealing the driveway.)

After finishing the driveway, I showered (surprisingly enough, the sealer came off easily with soap and water) and, taking advantage of the kidless house, watched a few episodes of The Sopranos on Tivo in the family room. Midway through the second episode, however, I realized the Giants were playing the Dodgers and switched over to the game to see if Bonds would tie the HR record. I finally called it quits at midnight and Tivo'd the rest of the game. I figured that if he did hit another HR, I'll watch the rest of the game. If he doesn't, well, I just saved some time!

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