Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Day 175 - 08/14/2007

D and I went to the Vigil Mass and then stopped by Marshall's for D to return a purchase and exchange a coat she bought. While we were there, D ran into an old colleague from when she worked in her previous position. It was strange seeing Karen there as at Mass we saw one of our neighbors that we've never seen at Mass before. We think he was escorting his (or his wife's) parents as he definitely wasn't going for himself. (Who knows, though, maybe he was, although he didn't look like he was there for any other reason but to drive the parents.)

After Mass, we also stopped by Blockbuster to rent a movie. We ended up getting Breach (the story about the final months of the Robert Hanssen investigation).

I must say that even though the events happened in our backyard, I didn't really follow the story that closely, so I was quite surprised at the movie. Overall I thought Chris Cooper did an excellent job at portraying Robert Hanssen. I wouldn't be surprised if he were nominated for an Oscar. He really made you want to hate his character, right after he got you to feel for him.

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