Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day 188 - 08/27/2007

It was the kids first day of school. They start a week earlier than the county does which means we're pretty much the only ones still not on summer vacation, but the flip side of the coin means they're also out a week earlier than the county. Both M and N were up at 7a (school starts at 815a this year) and rarin' to go. After getting ready and taking the obligatory first day of school pictures, we hit the road and were at school by 805a. Both of them were excited, although M was a bit anxious about long division. Both D and I asked her about it when she got home, much to her chagrin. She reminded us that it wasn't going to be taught on the first day of school!

I struggled through work (I was pretty beat from the late night at Sweetwater and reading) and finally left for the gym around 330p. I knew that if I hadn't gone then, I wouldn't be able to work out until Wednesday. (Baseball practice starts tomorrow.) There was a new guy there that looked like he was fresh out of the Brady Bunch school of style (think of what Buddy Hinton looked like). I really don't care for the hair styles the kids are wearing these days, it was bad then and it's still bad. I'm glad I never had to go through that phase (the styles of the early '80s made me learn my lesson...although not until after a decade or so of bad hair).

I read Angels and Demons in bed for about an hour or so. Like The Da Vinci Code, this one's a page turner. I started it last week at the beach (I read five chapters) and haven't been able to put it down since. I really should've gone to bed earlier as I was pretty tired, but I just couldn't. Finally, about 1040p, I turned out the lights and was asleep by 1041p.

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