Monday, August 27, 2007

Day 185 - 08/24/2007

I came in late (D had a doctor's appointment and I watched the kids) and discovered the annual business park picnic was today! Hooray! For the past few years the owners of the park have catered a picnic in August. The setup is pretty much the same year to year, but the food is usually different, based on that year's theme. This year it was a "tailgating party" so there were lots of foodstuffs (supposedly) associated with football games: BBQ, burgers, cole slaw, brownies, lemonade, etc. The same band that played last year played again this year and, just like last year, they were pretty good. The weather cooperated and we all enjoyed a picnic lunch by the lake.

After work I hit the gym in order to get my second workout in for the week. I'm hoping to up that to three weight sessions each week, but not until school's been back in session and D and I can work out a driving schedule with the kids. (Or maybe I could just go after work once a week or so.)

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