Monday, August 20, 2007

Day 180 - 08/19/2007

Since I haven't been as active as I'd like to be, I decided I'd go for a ride this morning and ended up going for twenty miles. I headed up the Parkway towards Reston, with the intent of heading to Route 7 before turning around, but at Baron Cameron, I changed my mind and took that back home instead. Baron Cameron turns into Elden Street in Herndon, which turns into Centreville Road between Herndon and Chantilly and that then turns into Walney Road in Chantilly. It was a pretty good ride as the weather was pretty cool and the sky was overcast, doing a good job keeping the sun from beating down.

That afternoon we went down to Fredericksburg to visit with D's aunts and uncles who were visiting from Illinois. It was a nice visit and after spending some time at the house, we headed over to Stephen and Stacey's for the out-of-towners to see their house and visit with them. Since we were right there, we decided to leave from downtown Fred (vs. driving back out to Doug and Nancy's) and hit the road.

As usual, traffic wasn't looking too good on 95, so we went 17. I wanted to avoid the 29/66 interchange, so took the back roads, talking Elk Lick Road to 28. It was much better than last week (since last week Claire was set for "shortest distance" and this week she was set for "fastest time"), although we got stuck behind an old truck barely pushing 40 on 28. (The speed limit is 45.) Other than that, the ride was nice. I much prefer going the back way over 95 (even if it takes a little longer. I typically arrive relaxed and rested vs. stressed out and tired, plus the scenery is much better. The only downside of going the back route is getting stuck behind slow(er) moving vehicles, especially if I can't see around/through them. If there's something I can't stand, it's being stuck behind a minivan, truck or other large vehicle with darkened windows. I want to see what's ahead of me, not look at black glass.

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