Friday, August 31, 2007

Day 191 - 08/30/2007

Remember me talking about mowing the yard on Saturday and raising the blade? Well, I mowed the yard after work tonight with the blade in the regular position. I left grass turds all over the place. Oh, well, like I said on Saturday, live and learn.

That being said, the lawn looks great. The cool weather we've been having lately has really caused it to green-up quite nicely. I'll have to water at some point (it's been a few weeks since I have), but it really doesn't look like it needs it. Maybe the recent rains we've had have been enough for it to last. One thing I need to get around to doing is aerate and overseed before it gets too late in the season. Last year I waited too long and it didn't take as much as I'd hoped. This year, however, I'll be able to use the poor-man's underground sprinkler system I installed back in June to keep the grass properly watered while the seed takes root and grows into mature grass.

Although I tried to finish Angels and Demons, I put it down. I reached the climax (or what I thought was the climax) and then had about 50 more pages to go. I was wondering what the author was going to do with the remaining pages and the more I read, the more I was turned off. He had a good book (although pretty much fluff) up until that point and then he puts it over the point of believability. I put it down without finishing it with about 20 pages left to go. I'll finish it over the weekend, but now the desire to finish it just isn't there.

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