Monday, August 13, 2007

Day 173 - 08/12/2007

We took the kids down to Fredericksburg today to spend a few days at Camp Nanny and PopPop. They (both the kids and Nanny and PopPop) have been asking about when we could arrange such a trip so we put it on the calender. D will pick them up on Wednesday.

On the way down, we stopped by Stephen and Stacey's to meet Evan. D and the kids had seen him when he was just a newborn, but I hadn't seen him yet. I can't imagine how little he must've been six weeks ago, because he's still a little thing. I guess that's what being four weeks early will do for you. We spent some time visiting with them before heading over to D's folks to drop the kids off.

Traffic on 95 was terrible, so we enlisted the services of Claire (remember Claire?) to avoid the traffic. However, in doing so, I forgot to change the setting from "least distance" to "fastest time" and we paid for it. I don't think we got home any faster, but we sure did discover some back roads of Stafford and Prince Williams counties on the way back home. (According to Google Maps, it should have taken us about 2 hours to go this route; in the end, it took about 90 minutes or so.) After looking at the map, there were a few places where I should have turned to hook up with 28, but kept on going with Claire.

At least D humored me and let me listen to part of the Big Broadcast on 88.5 WAMU. We were out of range for most of the previous show, but at 730p, we were close enough to not have too much static and were able to listen to Dragnet in its entirety.

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