Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Day 194 - 09/02/2007

After the late night out at the party, Sunday was a much needed day of rest for all of us. I ended up not going to Mass until 5p (at St. Veronica's) and came home to a crab cake dinner. N expanded his repertoire by eating (well, gagging on) an egg noodle. You'd have thought we were feeding him roaches or something of that ilk the way he balked at it. After a tantrum and being sent to his room for a while, he finally came back down and ate it.

We're trying to get him to try foods other than his regular menu, but it's trying on our patience (as well as a peaceful dinner). That being said, there's no reason why he can't eat what the rest of us eat; there's also no reason why he still needs a special dinner. The way I see it, he's now of the age where he can either eat what we put in front of him or he can go hungry.

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