Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day 216 - 09/24/2007

My soup bowl went missing at work, so I had to head home for lunch. This (and my stomach ache) caused me to skip my afternoon workout at the gym. I'm not sure what happened to the bowl, it was on my desk when I left on Friday and I don't recall seeing it when I stopped by the office yesterday. I'm thinking the cleaning person broke it when she was washing it -- there were a couple of hairline cracks -- and simply threw it away. I just wish she hadn't tossed the spoon as well.

When I got home I finished seeding the yard before taking M (and N) to swimming. When we got home, D was still out (she was at a neighbor's house watching Designed to Sell on HGTV -- our neighbor and a couple of our friends were on this episode), so I read to the kids before putting them to bed.

After D got back, I headed out for a run and ended up going 3.2 miles in just under 27 minutes. While I normally wouldn't be proud of that pace, since I pretty much haven't been running much for the past two years, I'll take it. I felt pretty good the entire way (save for a stretch or two where my knees weren't feeling the love), so I'm pretty sure the bird festival race will be a piece of cake (especially considering it'll be somewhat flat).

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