Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day 214 - 09/22/2007

If it's Saturday, we must have some ball games on the calendar. While I enjoy watching the games, I've discovered that coaching takes a lot more out of me. I'm sure my outlook will change in the coming years, once the players have grown up and their attention span is a little longer than a minute, but for now, it's trying, to say the least.

I'd love it if the boys would pay attention to the game for at least one inning. The other team is able to do it. I wonder how they're successful while we're not. Is it the way we're organized (or disorganized, as the case may be)? Or is it the way we treat the kids. There is very little yelling going on and each of the kids is treated respectfully. Maybe if we were a little sterner in our approach, they'd listen. Or maybe they'd just ignore us like they currently do. Who knows.

Since Sarah is spending the night tonight, it was suggested we watch Swiss Family Robinson. It wasn't available at any of the local video stores, so I checked the local booksellers. Sure enough, it was available at Borders in Kamp Washington. Off N and I went while M and Sarah stayed back with D. When we returned, we not only had the movie, but also the next book to be read: The Adventures of Robin Hood.

Since the movie is over two hours, we ended up watching the first hour or so before the kids were sent to bed. We'll watch the rest of it in the morning.

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