Friday, September 28, 2007

Day 219 - 09/27/2007

My back seized up again. This time I had just finished working out (no weights -- just 45 minutes on the bike since I didn't think weights would be good for my back) and was getting undressed, about to get in the shower.

I lifted my right foot and pulled off my sock. I was able to lift my left foot and that's when it hit. I let out a wince of pain and fell into the wall so as not to fall down. Fortunately, I was able to right myself pretty quickly and continue getting ready to head back to work.

Don't read that as being pain free, however, as the pain never went away, it just lessened. Lucky for me we had a software release party this afternoon, so the Guinness helped ease the pain.

Before heading out to the party, I found the ultimate time-waster online. There is absolutely NO interaction required. All you do is open your browser to and sit back and enjoy the ride. (If you must know, this is a display of all the pictures currently being uploaded to from around the globe.) It's pretty interesting looking at all the pictures that are out there. I kid you not that you could easily sit there for hours on end watching these pictures. It makes you think of who these people are, what they're doing, why are they wearing lime green bandannas, etc.

I wonder what people think of the pictures (albeit few and far between) that I've uploaded?

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