Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day 209 - 09/17/2007

After working all day on the additional logic required for the migration, I hit the gym and got in a pretty good workout. Unfortunately, the bike was in use (the recumbent was available, but that gives my knee fits) so I couldn't warm up like I usually do. Instead, I hit the treadmill. After I was done lifting, it was time to head home. Oh well, no cardio today. Maybe tonight at the pool.

M had swimming again tonight and this time we were on time. To the front desk. Hopefully on Wednesday she'll actually be at the pool on time. Chalk it up to traffic, but next time, we'll leave early. M doesn't understand the importance of being early. Maybe that's something we need to work on. One thing I can't stand is being late. Growing up, being late was a constant; as an adult, I'd rather have it as a variable.

While M swam, N and I hung out on "the beach" (that's what they call it). Actually, I hung out and N played. After hanging out for a while, I hit the spa, where I interrupted a dry cleaning industry meeting.

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