Thursday, September 27, 2007

Day 218 - 09/26/2007

My back still wasn't working properly when I woke up and it didn't improve throughout the day (Sitting on my ass all day probably doesn't help matters much, regardless of the fact that I try and work out 2-3 times a week and get up out of my chair on an hourly basis.)

What did help was the shiatsu chair massager on sale at BJs. While D had the kids at swimming, I went shopping for cat food and kittly litter at BJs. Not only did I find Christmas decorations on display (!) I also found a shiatsu chair massager. Wasting no time, I plopped myself down in the chair and started going to town. Twenty minutes later I was a new man. My pain was gone and I was ready to face the day. Not only was the pain gone, but I sort of felt like I had a runner's high as if feel good juice was flowing through my veins. Relief!

I kept waiting for it to subside, but it didn't. If it continues to hold, I may just end up getting one of them so that the next time my back goes out I won't have to go to BJs for relief!

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