Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day 213 - 09/21/2007

I wasn't walking like an Egyptian today, but I was walking a little slow. Who knew that crouching and crawling would put a major hurt on me? (I did, but not to the extent it did!) That being said, I still went to they gym (in hopes that a good workout would help me recover...I don't think it did).

We finished up Swiss Family Robinson tonight and boy am I glad that's over. I grew up knowing the story based on the Disney version of it, so I was quite surprised when the book had very little in common with the movie. Major plot points in the movie were non-existent in the book. Actually, there really wasn't a plot to the book. It was more of a series of adventures with little connection between them. Had I known how painful it was going to be to read the book, I would've skipped it and settled on something else.

Oh well, live and learn. At least I can say I read it. More importantly, at least I can say I read it to M and N.

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