Monday, September 10, 2007

Day 200 - 09/08/2007

Opening Day of the Fall baseball and softball is today. N's games are all at 10a (thanks to being on the commissioner's son's team), which will make Saturday mornings that much easier. M's games are scattered around the day, but they're all at the same location, making it easier than in previous years.

Even with N's game starting at 10a, it was still hot. Temps were forecast for the 90s and we pretty much hit the target by the end of the game. Afterwards we headed over to M's game, relieving D (who then took N home with her). Fortunately I brought the beach umbrella and enjoyed the rest of her game in the shade. Heather was glad for that as well.

The rest of the day was spent inside; none of us wanted to be out in the heat.

Tonight is movie night. It was decided (by parental consensus) that D and I would pick the movie. After perusing the kids and family aisle at Blockbuster, we finally settled on Herbie Fully Loaded. M didn't like the pick as she thought it was a baby movie. Ten minutes into the movie, however, she changed her mind as the four of us were laughing on the couch. Overall, I was surprised with the movie. I thought it would be way cheesy, but it was actually laugh-out-loud enjoyable!

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